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Penn Ave East Pitch Book

Pennsylvania Avenue “east of the river” or Penn Ave East provides residents and visitors alike the opportunity to live, work and play in a location steeped in a rich heritage.  Rising “east of the river” with commanding views of U.S. Capitol and downtown DC, the neighborhoods running along Penn Ave East—from L’Enfant to Fort Davis —provide walkable, cozy, tree-lined streets in close proximity to National Parks.  This is  an emerging commercial corridor with numerous outdoor resources and historical sites.  Penn Ave East, a community on the move, is an opportune region and where you want to be!

Penn Ave East is a place to live, work and play.  Decade after decade, the neighborhoods along Pennsylvania Avenue have provided a place to live and raise a family in this “hidden gem,” just steps away from the nation’s Capitol.  Located in Ward 7, the neighborhoods of Hillcrest, Dupont Park, Fort Dupont Park, Fair lawn, Twining, Randle Highlands, Fort Davis, Fairfax Village, Penn Branch, and L’Enfant Square are rife with natural parks and sprawling lawns—which provide newcomers, long-term residents, and aspiring businesses and investors with unique opportunities to enjoy a suburban feel just steps from downtown Washington, D.C.